• Pu Sealant 280 ml 40S Black

Pu Sealant 280 ml 40S Black

Product code : 0104-MPU280S
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Brio Pu Sealant is a single component, moisture curing, polyurethane-based filling and sealant material. It is thixotropic, paintable, resistant to weather conditions and water. It is able to provide adhesion on cement-based building materials, bricks, ceramics, marbles, glasses, woods, galvanize steels, aluminum and most of the plastic surfaces.

Fields of Application: In the construction industry, in the cavities of the joints between building structures. For joint and assembly of aluminium, PVC, wooden framing. Used for laying of roof tiles and in the automotive sector; body constructions of cars, containers and caravans. Brio Pu Mastic cannot be used on bituminous substrates, natural rubber, EPDM rubber or on building materials which might bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents.
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