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Brio Tedarik Zinciri

BRIO Europe Inc. is the company that is active in construction and automotive since its foundation. It supplies and carries the European quality for special tools, service equipment, hand tools and c-parts to Turkey. The company gets its products in accordance with its quality standards with its own brand in Europe.

BRIO manages its logistics processes with a professional approach and 98% of its products are delivered to its customers in 24-48 hours via reliable shipping partners.

The company, which succeeded to be among the strong brands of the sector in a short time with its sales and after sales specialist staff, aims to offer alternative solutions by providing customer satisfaction and quality pre-plan and to provide a better service.

In this context, BRIO will continue to invest in service and product diversification in the upcoming period and will confidently proceed to become a partner for the small workplaces with one person and also a brand that appeals to international big companies that work with hundreds of people.

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