• Diesel Injector Cleaner 300 ml
  • Diesel Injector Cleaner 300 ml
  • Diesel Injector Cleaner 300 ml
  • Diesel Injector Cleaner 300 ml
Diesel Injector Cleaner 300 ml
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Fuel Additives

What is Brio Diesel Injector Cleaner?

BRIO Diesel Injector Cleaner is especially used for cleaning the residues on the micro parts of injectors and injector pumps. Neutralizes the acidic condensation liquid. Enhances cetane number. Provides a clean combustion. Cleans the entire fuel system (from the fuel tank to combustion space) and protects it from corrosion.

Where to Use?

Suitable for cleaning diesel engines of trucks and passenger cars including common rail systems.

How to Use Diesel Injector Cleaner?

Add a bottle of Brio Diesel Injector Cleaner to the vehicles fuel tank before fueling. One bottle treats 40 to 60 litres of diesel fuel. It is recommended to use once in every 2000 km for normal uses, and once for each tank filling for intensive and sportive uses.  


Use gloves before application. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Apply in well-ventilated areas. Store the product in a cool and dry place.  Keep out of freezing, direct sunlight and temperatures above 50°C. Keep out of reach of children.

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