• A/C Disinfection Machine (48 Treatments)
A/C Disinfection Machine (48 Treatments)
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It is a powerful electronic ultrasonic nebulizer that is designed to atomize the Brio A/C Machine Fragrance Fluid. Cleans the ambient air. It is effective for refreshing and getting rid of bad odors. It is handy and easy to use.

Fields of Application: Used with BRİO A/C Disinfection Machine Fragrance Liquid. Can be used anywhere that refreshment and fresh air are desired.


The Atom machine is a powerful electronic ultrasonic nebulizer designed to refresh & deodorize vehicle air conditioning systems effectively, efficiently and profitably for professional garages. The lightweight and portable product use a specially formulated solution to clean, disinfect and remove any unpleasant smells from vehicles air conditioning systems. The process is automatic and takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It is particularly effective in resolving acute or persistent problems and gives longlasting results. The customers will be able to immediately enjoy the benefits of a fresh-smelling vehicle.


The Atom machine must only be used by qualified and trained personnel. Before switching the atom machine on, carefully read the safety precautions and operating instructions in the operational handbook. For quick reference always keep the manual with the machine. Only use the power cable supplied with the device.


Brio Atom Air Condition Refreshing Set Includes: Ultrasonic nebulizer, conveyor tube, 120 ml solution adapter and atom chemical solution.


Connect the conveyor tube to the Atom Machine. Screw the adapter to the special 120 ml Atom bottle. Invert the bottle and position into the atom Machine. The Atom machine is now ready for use.

Instructions for Use

Place the Atom machine on the passenger side floor and position the conveyor tube as close as possible to the recirculation air intake. Start the vehicle's engine. Set the air-conditioning system temperature to around 22 degrees Celsius. Open all vents. Select front Ventilation. Set the fan to intermediate speed and select air-recirculation mode. Turn the Atom machine on and turn the diode to the maximum. Place the electrical cable through the door. Close all doors and windows and exit the vehicle. Do not leave any person or pet in the vehicle during the treatment process. One single 120 millilitre Atom refreshing treatment will take approximately 20 or 30 minutes at 22 degrees Celsius. This can vary according to the ambient temperature. the Atom machine automatically stops once the minimum liquid level is reached and the red LED light will be displayed.  Ventilate the vehicle for five to ten minutes after the treatment.

Additional Information

Always replace the pollen filter after the antibacterial treatment is completed. Only remove the pollen filter before treatment if it is fitted inside the cabin of the vehicle. See your vehicle's service manual for pollen filter location. With a cabin pollen filter fitted, the process is to remove the pollen filter to complete the treatment and then fit a new cabin pollen filter. With an external pollen filter fitted the process is to complete the treatment, then replace the pollen Filter. Replace the pollen filter after each use a moderate amount of treatment liquid will remain inside the Machine, there is no need to remove it. Safely store the Atem machine in an upright position ready for the next Treatment.

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