• Pneumatic Pressure Brake Bleeder Set
Pneumatic Pressure Brake Bleeder Set
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Used for brake and clutch systems. It has a 5-litre container and the brake fluid collector nozzle. Its rubber membrane separates the brake fluid from compressed air and prevents water penetration. It has a diameter of 280 mm and a height of 460 mm. Working pressure can be controlled by pressure regulators between 0-3 bar. The pressure gauge can be adjusted and read. It contains the following adapters;

  • Opel adapter Ø 43.5 mm
  • Opel cap Ø 43.5 mm, for closing the second filler openings
  • Universal adapter Ø 45 mm
  • Universal taper adapter thrust piece, 2 screw hooks with Knurled nuts and chain
  • Euro adapter suitable for Audi, BMW, VW, Opel, Ford
  • NISSAN Ø 49.5 mm
  • NISSAN Ø 34.5 mm
  • Honda Ø 56 mm
  • BMW, AUDI Ø 44.2 mm
  • Adapter for brake bleeder with European (compressed air) clutch
  • 1 compressed air brake bleeder
  • 1 filling hose 3700 mm
  • 10 adapters in suitcase
  • 1 collecting bottle 500 ml


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