• Engine Timing Tool Set for Vag

Engine Timing Tool Set for Vag

Product code : 1404-1840
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It is used for the replacement of camshafts and timing belts of VAG vehicles such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Suitable for the following models:

  • 1.9 lt TDI (conventional diesel)
  • 2.5 lt V6 TDI (not gasoline)
  • 3.3 lt V8 TDI (not gasoline engine)
  • 1.2 lt 3 cylinders and 1,4 / 1,6 lt gasoline

It contains the following parts;

  • Adjustment gauge for camshaft
  • A locking tool for toothed belt wheel
  • 1.9 lt / 2.0 lt TDI pump / nozzle
  • A locking tool for the camshaft
  • A 3-way adjustable toothed belt tensioner wrench
  • A locking mandrel for injection pump wheel,
  • A holding plate for the toothed belt tensioning device,
  • 4 cylinder TDI pump / nozzle
  • An open socket with a key width of 22 mm for the removal / installation of diesel injectors
  • Camshaft adjustment tool for use as OEM T10123, T10120, 3458, 3418, 2065A, 3366 and T10098 / 3418
  • Crankshaft adjusting tool to use as OEM T10121, 3242, T10050 and T10100
  • Tension roller locking tool to use as OEM T10060A, T10020, T10008 and T40011
  • Injection pump locking tool to use as OEM 3359 and 2064


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