What is Additive for Vehicle?

Dictionary meaning of additive is ‘something added to a substance to improve it or preserve it.’ In vehicles, additives are added to improve, protect, or boost the performance of the engine, injection system, coolant or interior moving parts of the engine. Different additive types can provide different attributes for the specific parts of the vehicle. Additives can be specified according to their use types: Fuel additives, oil additives, coolant additives and transmission additives. Each type is used with different liquid types of vehicle. Oil additives are used with engine oil, fuel additives are used with petrol or diesel cranks, coolant additives are used with coolant liquid and transmission additives are used with transmission oils. The ultimate purpose is to maintain the current condition of a fully functioning vehicle.

What is Fuel Additive? What Does It Do?

The fuel additive is added to the fuel tank of the vehicles to boost the combustion system and maintain the performance of the fuel. Brio has 5 different fuel additives each serve for five different purposes.

How Shall I Choose the Right Fuel Additive?

Additives for fuel divides into two sub-categories; diesel additives and petrol additives. The main reason for this difference is, diesel combustion system and petrol combustion systems have different working systems and use the different injection and combustion types. After selecting the fuel type, you must decide about what do you need most! For instance, if you live in a cold climate and it is going to be winter season soon, we recommend you use Diesel Fuel Antifreeze. After periodic maintenances, we recommend you use a Diesel Injector Cleaner or Petrol Injector Cleaner. For the LPG gas using a vehicle we recommend LPG Additive. We also have a specific additive that is used for cleaning the DPF System and we recommend It for the diesel vehicle.

Diesel Injector Cleaner: Cleans the diesel injection system, improves the number of cetane in fuel, prevents the corrosion and wear that might occur in the combustion system, decreases the engine start-up voice, and decreases the Co2 Emissions.

Petrol Injector Cleaner: It helps cleaning the entire petrol injection system, carburettor and combustion system, and protects the optimal condition of the system. Eliminates valve sticking. Prevents deposits of gums, varnish, and sludge. Reduces gasoline consumption and protects against corrosion. Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases.

LPG Additive: For LPG Using vehicles it protects valves and valve seats against premature wear and recession. Reduces compression loss and eliminates valve sticking. Cleans the fuel system and combustion chamber of deposits. Protects and stabilizes fuel over a prolonged period of storage. Controls gum, varnish, and colour insoluble. It does not harm catalytic converters.

Diesel Antifreeze: By reducing the freezing point of diesel fuel, it prevents freezing, gelation and crystallisation of the fuel. Makes diesel fuel winter safe. Prevents gelling, slow-flow and no-flow situations in filters, valves, injectors, and the fuel system. Prevents settling and accumulation of wax crystals at the bottom of the fuel tank. Protects fuel system against wear, rust, and corrosion.

DPF Cleaning Additive; DPF Cleaner lowers the ignition temperature of soot collected in the diesel particulate filter and optimizes periodic combustion of accumulated soot. The unique combination of a clean fuel system, clean combustion with lower emissions and catalysed soot particles will clean up and assist in keeping the DPF, the catalytic converter, the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) as well as the turbo compressor and its variable geometry vanes clean from deposits. Extends DPF and catalyst service life

How to use Brio Fuel Additives?

Petrol Additive Diesel Additive Diesel Additive Diesel AdditiveFuel Additive

What is Oil Additive? What Does It Do?

To function the engine system in optimal way engine oils are one of the most important elements of the system. Without engine oil, none of the engine systems could work because engine oil lubricates and prevents wear and corrosion from all engine system which operates the high-speed pistons and high-temperature mechanism to work flawlessly. It is the highest priority to choose the right engine oil and right engine oil additive to not harm this perfect mechanism. Brio considers all the necessity for high technology and high sensitivity for this mechanism; therefore, all brio additives are produced in high technology European factories suitable for most types of high-quality engine oils. It is more than safe to use Brio as an additive.

How Shall I Choose the Right Oil Additive?

Startup for the vehicles is one of the most difficult moments for the engine. When the machine works for the first time it consumes power to function all the mechanism, related to this power it is the moment when the corrosion and wear can most probably affect the engine. Right oil and right additive have an ability to prevent wear and corrosion during the stable drive and start-ups. Oil additives help to prevent any type of corrosion and wear due time. Oil additives differ like fuel additives depending on their abilities. For instance, for cleaning the soot and carbon residues from the engine, Engine Flush and Cleaner should be used. To prolong the life of oil and improve the quality of engine oil Boron Additive and Engine Oil MoS2 Additive should be used. To prevent the possible leakages from hair cracks and gaskets Engine Leak Sop shall be used. For start-stop mechanism cars due to the multiple start-ups, Start-Stop Oil Additive should be used. Finally, to prevent the blue smoke exhaust and decrease the carbon Emission, Stop Smoke Additive should be used.

Boron Additive: It functions as an antioxidant and as such delays oil ageing and thickening over time. It not only boosts the anti-friction properties of oil but also keeps your oil performing optimally for an extended period protecting your engine as it was designed to do. Significantly reduces friction and wear. Restores engine power. Reduces engine noise level and vibrations.

Engine Flush and Cleaner: Engine Flush is an oil-based product used to completely cleanse the interior of the engine from sludge, gum, rust and varnish. Internally cleans and flushes the engine with highly effective cleaning agents. Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by restoring engine condition and enabling the fresh oil to perform optimally

Engine Oil Additive MoS2: Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2 is a dispersion of Molybdenum Sulphide in highly refined petroleum oil. Due to the exclusive particle selection as well as a highly sophisticated production process, it has remarkably high stability compared to similar products. Reduces friction and wear by forming an adhesive MoS2 film on all moving surfaces inside the engine. The lubricating MoS2 film guarantees lubrication during cold starts and in case of emergencies. Provides effective long-term protection of your engine and ensures optimal performance.

Engine Oil Leak Stop: Stops and prevents oil leakages through seals and eliminates the need for expensive repairs. Makes seals swell back to original size and regain all-new pliability. Reduces oil consumption. Improves the viscosity of motor oil. Improves engine performance by enhancing motor compression. Reduces engine noise.

Oil Stop Smoke: Oil Stop Smoke is formulated to stop exhaust smoke due to excessive oil burning. The product is based on a combination of chemical polymers, viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, corrosion-inhibitors, anti-formants. Stops or decreases excessive smoke emission. Reduces oil consumption.

Start Stop Engine Oil Additive: It lubricates effectively start-stop engines. It protects the engine from cold start-ups. Decreases the friction ratio and protects against corrosion. It prevents the formation of soot, dirt, and carbon residues inside the engine oil. It neutralises the aggressive combustion acids.

How to use Brio Oil Additives?

Oil AdditiveOil AdditiveEngine Oil Additive Oil Additive Oil Additive Oil Additive

What is Coolant Additive? What Does It Do?

One of the most irrevocable parts of the vehicles is the coolant system. The main purpose of radiators is to provide cooling for the engine system. If overheated engine system does not receive proper cooling, there could be irreparable malfunctions in the engine system. Therefore, the right coolant water should be supported with the right coolant additive. Essentials for the coolant additives is to make coolant water work perfectly in the cooling system. Cooling water could not work properly due to the several malfunctions such as leakages in the system or due low quality of the water. Coolant additives provide optimal conditions for the coolant water.

How Shall I Choose the Right Coolant Additive?

Brio makes its coolant additives produced in European factories for Petrol, Diesel and LPG vehicles and they work perfectly for plastic, aluminium, and steel coolant systems. The main purpose of these additives is to avoid possible malfunctions regarding the coolant water. Radiator Cleaner Additive essentially cleanse all the cooling system and prevents possible creation of soot and residues such as tar, dust, rust, and carbon particles. Radiator Leak Stop is a way more complex additive regarding Radiator Cleaner because its main purpose is to find and fill the hair cracks and prevent coolant leakages. If you think there is a leak in the radiator, we highly recommend Brio Radiator Leak Stop and after periodic maintenance of the vehicle, we suggest Radiator Cleaner additive to protect the entire cooling system.

Radiator Leak Stop: It permanently and reliably seals and prevents hair cracks and leakages in the radiator, the water pump, the cylinder head and the engine block. Eliminates the need for an expensive repair. Protects the entire cooling system against rust and corrosion. Lubricates the water pump. Does not harm rubber hoses, metal parts and gaskets.

Radiator Cleaner: It is developed to effectively clean the entire cooling system and to improve the heat transfer from the engine to the cooling system. Removes sludge, rust, scale, and other deposits. Prevents overheating. Does not harm rubber hoses, metal parts and gaskets.

How to use Brio Coolant Additives?

Coolant Additive Coolant Additive

What is Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Additive? What Does It Do?

The Automobile Automatic Transmission system is a closed mechanism like the engine system, and many parts consist of gear. The right operation of this system affects many mechanisms, from vehicle performance to fuel economy. Special automatic transmission oils are used for protection and performance boost of the system and the quality of these oils are very important for the protection of the system. At this point, automatic transmission or gear additives increase the quality of the oil, which helps to extend the life of the system and it helps performing effectively. Brio has produced a specially formulated multi-functional ATF additive as a solution. Due to this contribution, automatic gear performance increases and small cracks in the system are blocked and the leakage is prevented.

Automatic Transmission Treatment and Leak Stop: It boosts ATF performance and stops and/or prevents ATF leakages. Improves and eases shifting. Conditions seals & rings to stop and prevent leaks. Increases shear stability maintaining original viscosity and reducing oil thinning. Improves protection of moving parts & metal components against wear. Increases oxidation protection. Prolongs ATF life.

How to use Brio ATF Additives?

 ATF Additive


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